Make life's journey a more wonderful experience by embarking on a tour with kendo!

"Ouch!" My wife had kicked me randomly in the middle of the night. I looked over at her and she was smiling. I wondered if I did something wrong, but no...she was still asleep. So I shook her shoulder to wake her up and asked her why she had kicked me. She paused, puzzled at my inquiry...but after a few moments she suddenly said, "Oh!, I was having a dream about being in a kendo tournament." In that dream, she said she got the most beautiful point, striking her opponent's head along with a strong foot stomp.

My wife, two daughters, and I love to practice kendo together. It is a really enjoyable and rewarding family martial art.
We often take kendo tournament trips, and enjoy it not only as spectators, but as competitors.
After the tournament, we tour the surrounding area and meet fellow kendo practitioners from all around the world.
Beyond the dojo, the world network of people who make the tour with kendo a significant part of their lives, makes my dedication to the art that much more meaningful and priceless to me.

- Master Jo, 7th dan

Doing kendo, some members say they:

• lose weight and get in shape

• relieve stress so their mind is refreshed

• don’t feel the pain that has bothered long time

• think positively and have challenge spirit

• believe training at HMK is worth driving over 1 hour! (see our testimonials section)

Do you want to learn and practice the superb sword martial arts?

Then come to our dojo, HMK (HongMooKwan). We will guide you into the kendo world properly from beginner to higher levels. We are open 7 days a week and we have a variety of programs.

HMK is a member of the International Kendo Federation. HMK has many Black belts that are 4th degree and above who are officially recognized by the International Kendo Federation (FIK). They have proven skills, winning records, numerous awards and many years of teaching experience so you can learn from the best.

HMK is conveniently located near the George Washington Bridge in Ridgefield, New Jersey. If you live in the Metropolitan New York area, it is good to train here. Some students come down from Upstate New York and from Pennsylvania to train at HMK.

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Kendo, also known as Kumdo, is the art of sword martial arts. You can feel the thrill of sword fighting just like historical swordsmen
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HMK is the perfect kendo dojo with a Specialized Facility. We are proud to present our formally recognized high ranking Master instructors who can help cater your growth potential in kendo!
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Having trouble putting on your new kendo armor? Learn how to wear your bogu step by step.
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