Kendo: a walk of life

by Grant S.
(Fort Lee, NJ USA)

I started the martial arts in the form of Taekwondo at the age of 11. I moved into karate and judo in my late teens and early twenties until I moved to Japan at the age of 22. I lived in rural Japan (Northern Hokkaido) where there were no karate or judo schools. However, there was kendo. I started and dived right in. I found the art of kendo fascinating in that it was both mentally and physically demanding. Since I started kendo in 1995 I have taken it with me where ever my life has gone.

I moved to the NY/NJ area in October of 2011 and searched for a school to continue my kendo training. What attracted me to HMK and to Master Jo was his dedication to the art of kendo itself. HMK's Masters focus on basics and are able to take kendo to the higher marital arts level rather than just focusing on the "sports" aspect. Every practice requires just as much mental training as it does physical and resembles my practices in Japan.

With such great school hours, I have the opportunity to practice every day of the week and even on Saturdays allowing me to find my own practice schedule.

I feel privileged to be able to continue my kendo walk of life at HMK and to share my kendo experience with all the masters and students.

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