Hong Moo Kwan provides you with the problem knowledge of Kendo Etiquette, Respect, and Courtesty in the Dojo for Practice or a Match in a Tournament

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Kendo armor

Having trouble putting on your new kendo armor? Learn how to wear your bogu step by step.

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Kendo: a walk of life

I started the martial arts in the form of Taekwondo at the age of 11. I moved into karate and judo in my late teens and early twenties until I moved to

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HMK offers various kendo class. Kendo lessons available 7 days a week

HMK kendo class is the best for people who want to learn kendo and practice anytime

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Kendo Gifts for You, Your Friends, or Family

When your husband, wife, or child starts kendo, these kendo gifts can be the perfect start. Or, give them something for their birthday or anniversary

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Hong Moo Kwan Testimonials

Let us hear the Kendo testimonials from our fellow Kendo practitioners at the Hong Moo Kwan Kendo Dojo!

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Videos of Hong Moo Kwan and Global Kendo

Watch Popular Kendo videos from HMK and Globally!

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Kendo Uniform Information - Maintenance

Information in order to learn how to properly maintain your uniform

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Kendo Sword or Shinai

Information on the maintainance and usage of the Kendo bamboo practice sword or shinai

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Kendo supporter helps your practice comfortable

Use kendo supporter when you have a pain or weak point to enjoy practice without fear.

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