The Best Kendo Dojo in the
New York and New Jersey area

Hong Moo Kwan [HMK] Kendo dojo provides a specialized place to practice kendo. Kendo is an extremely rewarding and enjoyable sport. Kendo gives a variety of benefits to many different people. Most importantly the practice of kendo not only increases the welfare of the individual but also to society.


HMK was founded in 1997. Since then it has grown to be a home for some of the strongest and well-known kendo practitioners, as well as the place that caters to the growth potential of many high potential beginners. Our members range from children, teenagers, college students, married couples, and elderly that wish to partake in a physically and mentally challenging yet enriching sport. The HMK has a safe practice area with special wood floors specialized for kendo.


Life is a long, yet limited journey. Through time many come to realize that this special journey in life is precious. We can make a more invaluable and engaging life through kendo while following

5 Virtues:

Love, Intrepidity, Manner, Intelligence, and Trust

As long as these are pursued to the best of our ability, we can make the most efficient and effective use of our limited time.

HMK wants to enjoy the life together with the LIMIT.

We do not just teach sword fighting skills. Kendo is not just another martial arts meant for self defense. We offer a more HOLISTIC Sword Martial Arts that prioritizes the five virtues, bettering ourselves and society.


HMK has many Black Belts that are 4th degree and above who are officially recognized by the International Kendo Federation.

They have proven skills, winning records, numerous awards and many years of teaching experience. You can capitalize on this opportunity of learning from the best at our kendo dojo. We are proud to present our formally recognized high ranking Master instructors who can help you grow from the beginning level to advanced levels correctly and most effectively.

Our many awards from various tournaments prove the effectiveness of our instructorship. 

Come join us and let's enjoy training together!

Perfect Kendo dojo only for kendo practitioner!

HMK is a Kendo specialized facility. We teach no other martial arts. HMK has a comfortable and safe training area. There is a high quality hardwood floor. The space has a high ceiling and air conditioning system for the kendo practitioner. Also, there are men and women locker rooms and restrooms.

HMK has armor(bogu) storage shelves for our members’ convenience. And we have a projection with a big screen to study and enjoy kendo video together. HMK has lots of free parking spaces in a clean and safe neighborhood.