Kendo supporter helps your body to prevent from pain by accident

Sometimes we need to use a kendo supporter. Even though we wear armor(kendo bogu), we might be have a pain by accident. After you recieve pain, you have a fear when you practice. So, you can't concentrate on your practice and you can't enjoy it that much. Then, you should use a supporter until you don't need it. That is your responsibility for protecting your body even if the use of the supporter is not comfortable, it is better than without it.

Here are some recommended supporter;

Top head padding(Men pad):to prevent shock caused from hitting the head or adjust the helm size when it is little bigger than one's head size.

Chin pad:chin sweat absorbent cloth,padding

Eye guard: for protection from accidental eye poking by splints.

Eye glass frame: for people who need eye glasses.

Elbow protector

Sole supporter : when you have a blister on your sole.

Heel supporter : when you have a pain on your heel.

Archiles supporter

Knuckle and forearm protector or Forearm supporter

Extended side Do(Cuirass;Gahb) : when you worry about getting hit your rib. Below pictures show exteded side Do and regular Do. The extended side Do is specially ordered by HMK. Do you want to give this kendo supporter to your friend as a gift?