What is Kendo?

Kendo is a type of martial arts with sword. So we can call it Sword Martial Arts. It is an Asian fencing compared to European fencing. It is developed from Japan and it is advancing forward.

Using a simulated sword made of bamboo slats, and wearing armor, the kendoist competes against an opponent according to established regulations for scoring points.

Kendo, literally the "Way of the Sword", composed of the ideographs (chinese character) for sword (ken) and way (do), conveys a deeper meaning than the mere acquiring of technique. It implies a lifelong pursuit of self-knowledge and self-discipline through a demanding physical and mental training regimen. This rigorous training will develop stamina and endurance, increase agility and flexibility, enhance mental concentration and alertness, and promote all-round well-being.

The concept of kendo is to discipline the human character through the training of the sword with oneself and others.

Characteristics and results;

Good for your health, both mentally and physically.

Swordsmanship requires lots of physical movement and yet, concentration and focus, one cannot dodge an attack by an opponent. Therefore, mental training is a must in modern swordsmanship.

Good for everyone.

The sword does not differentiate between men and women, children and elders. This is a sport that anyone can enjoy at all levels over a long period time. At every different level, everyone can simply enjoy training with others.

It also increases in intensity from the ground up. Hence, the body can naturally adapt to the current intensity level.

Furthermore, one can enjoy exciting and thrilling real life experiences from the training. Young people, especially, will learn how to adapt and control their energy level at many different paces.

Training in the sword increases blood flow to prevent heart disease and high blood pressure for adults.

It releases your stress and gives you new energy. You will lose weight and gain self-control, concentration, self-discipline and much more!

International Kendo Federation (FIK)

The FIK was established in 1970. As of August 2015, 57 countries/regions are FIK affiliates. FIK was accepted as a GAISF member in 2006. More detail about the International Kendo Federation is here.